Deep Tissue / Therapeutic

Get Personalized Full Body Massage Therapy in Grand Junction, CO

We tailor all massages for athletes to our clients' unique needs

When you visit Columbine Massage & Bodywork for a full-body massage, we'll concentrate on high-tension areas to bring you pain relief and relaxation. Daphny Seeley is particularly skilled at providing massages for athletes in the Grand Junction, CO area. She understands your unique needs as someone who is dedicated to maintaining their peak physical condition.

In addition to full-body massages, Daphny also provides targeted massages for specific areas of the body. Call today to discuss your options with a licensed massage therapist.

3 good reasons to schedule a therapeutic massage

A professional deep-tissue massage can benefit almost anyone. You should schedule an appointment at Columbine Massage & Bodywork in Grand Junction, CO if:

  • 1. You've sustained a recent sports injury
  • 2. You have an old injury that continues to cause you pain
  • 3. You need a massage that concentrates on a specific muscle group

We provide effective massages for athletes of all ages.